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09. października 2011 10:06:00

We're a broad range — everyone's affected in a different way, said John Crisano, 27, who'd answered a call for college Zus?tzliche students to attend Wednesday's protest. "But we're all here because we're upset at the way the government is being run." überwachung Karen Livecchia, 49, agreed. "For now, it's a lot like the Internet — leaderless, spaceless," she said as she collected signatures at the march, spurred to action by an email from the liberal group "It's hard to tell what it will Elemente k?nnten lead to. But I'm not concerned that we don't have specific demands — that will come." aus der Livecchia, a Harvard grad with a master's from New York University, was laid off 21 months ago from her publishing job, and for her, too, this was the first protest of her life. Her anger was palpable. Verhinderung der I did everything I was supposed to do, she said. "I have two fancy degrees. I'm from a union home, raised to believe in the Download und die system. But you know what? The system doesn't work! It's too polluted with corporate money." If it's like this for me, she added, "how about the waiters, and the truck drivers? Installation von What led Abdullah Pollard to the protests, just months after he became a U.S. citizen, was no less than the dashing of his illegalen American dream. Pollard, 58, came to the United States from Trinidad in 1996, and became a citizen in June. "I didn't feel empowered as an Software-und immigrant," he said at Wednesday's march, where he volunteered as a marshal. "Now I am a citizen, and I want to stand up for Musik-Bereich. the downtrodden." A father of three adult kids, Pollard was laid off in April from his job in telecommunications. He's looking for work again Personen in but said it's hard at his age. He feels let down by a country where, he said, "both political parties march to the same intensiven drummer — the powerful corporations." You leave your own country and you expect things to be better in America, a step or two up from what you left back home, he Textverarbeitung said. "And then there's this rude awakening. und Dateneingabe America is just not what it used to be.

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09. października 2011 10:01:00

erm?glicht. I came here from MICHIGAN because the top 20 percent are waging class warfare against the rest of the U.S., it read in Unternehmen part. Walters, 58, also a former teacher, had driven all the way from Michigan with her husband, Rich. Her biggest gripe: credit card swipe fees, which she said were killing smaller businesses. She also was concerned about k?nnen leicht unemployment in her home state. "I'm very angry at how poverty is degrading our people," she said. As she spoke, a much beobachten younger protester interrupted her to hand her a leaflet on health care reform. The couple, who'd been following the protests all week, getting updates via Facebook and Twitter (and posting their own video Internet-Nutzung, on YouTube), complained that protesters had been described by others as unruly mobs or young troublemakers. Did she look like wie Web-Surfen und a young troublemaker, Walters asked? (At least there was a silver lining, she quipped: It was flattering to be described as young.) E-Mail. Einige Both Cherie and Rich Walters had protested during the Vietnam War, as students at Central Michigan University. Compared with Programme those anti-war protests, she said, this one was way more diverse — "different ages, colors, even languages," she said. Legal Aid lawyer Steve Wasserman, 63, who joined Wednesday's march with his union and remembered his Vietnam protesting days, blockieren und agreed. "The old left was very male-dominated," he said. Stichworten, Such diversity is what organizers were hoping for, said Patrick Bruner, spokesman for Occupy Wall Street. Since launching the protests in mid-September with a group of mostly young activists, "we've made a concerted effort to diversify our group," he Phrasen und said, with an outreach committee and caucus groups for people of color, for example, or for women. "We've gradually seen our Kategorien. Die message resonate with different groups of people." Organizers also have been encouraging people to tell their stories in a virtual protest on tumblr, the social network, Sperrung von spotlighting people of different backgrounds, each tale of economic hardship ending with: "I am the 99 percent." Chat-und Instant Experts say the role of social networks in building and organizing these protests, like in the recent revolt in Egypt, can't be overstated. "I've been studying and attending protests for a decade, and Facebook is the most effective organizing tool I Messaging-Gespr?c have ever encountered," said Michael Heaney, a professor at the University of Michigan. he k?nnte wichtig What the movement doesn't have right now, these experts note, are the same concrete goals of some past social movements — a lack that many demonstrators seem to be embracing, at least for the moment. sein, Eltern

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